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Business Transactions

Your business is undertaking a change. Maybe you are acquiring a new entity. However, there is a lot to consider with your new business endeavor.

If you try to handle this all on your own, you could make a mistake. The consequences of an error in business transactions are serious. You may face liability issues or other legal hazards. It is much easier to address these issues on the front end rather than cleaning these issues on the back end.

Over 50 Years Of Collective Experience

Together, our attorneys at Ricci Partners, LLC, have represented Louisiana businesses for more than 50
years. High-asset companies across Louisiana have trusted us to counsel them on a wide range of
matters affecting their entities.

A business owner should be able to focus on their business operations, not worry about legal
technicalities. Our attorneys pay close attention to legal details so you can spend your time the way you
should be — working on your daily business operations and not worrying about the minutia.

Our lawyers are trusted counsel working on:

  • Business registration and articles of incorporation
  • Partnership and shareholder agreements
  • Bylaws and entity formation
  • Employment agreements
  • Operating agreements

Our trusted attorneys are committed to providing the best service possible. We review existing
documents and help draft new ones to ensure your business considerations are properly addressed.

Banking Services & Counseling

In the wake of the Great Recession, banking regulations are more restrictive and complicated than ever before. The financial industry is on a short leash. There is no room for mistakes. Consumer protections and other banking and reporting regulations require a deft hand. That is why banks and other financial institutions — big and small — require a well-practiced legal guide.

At Ricci Partners, LLC, our lawyers know how local banks and other financial institutions operate. We are well-versed in state and federal banking and finance regulations. Many entities across New Orleans and the state trust us as their in-house counsel.

Experienced Representation For Banking And Counseling Services

Hiring an experienced legal team can go a long way in protecting your financial institution — by preventing things from going wrong and minimizing damage when they do.

At our firm, we often handle matters involving the following:

  • Reviewing merger and acquisition terms
  • Examining institutional procedures for compliance
  • Advising on data and privacy policies
  • Preparing and analyzing tax documents
  • Acting as legal counsel during commercial and individual loan transactions

Through the years, Louisiana businesses and institutions have put their trust in Ricci Partners, LLC. Our legal team brings together more than three decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge, all to your benefit.

Bad Faith Insurance Claims

It seems almost inevitable that you will run into an insurance company that will do anything to avoid fulfilling your claim and paying you the maximum benefits you are entitled to.

What most people do not realize is that this is not legal. You have rights and legal recourse options when insurance companies act in “bad faith.”

What Does “Acting In Bad Faith” Mean?

When you sign up for an insurance policy, you are entering into a legal contract with your insurer. You agree to a specific policy and payment; they agree to cover certain services. If your insurance company is not fulfilling its end of the contract, they may be acting in bad faith.

Below are some common examples of insurance companies acting in bad faith:

  • Refusing or failing to approve a claim within the scope of your policy
  • Unnecessarily or indefinitely postponing claim fulfillment
  • Denying a claim without clear reasoning
  • Mischaracterizing or misrepresenting facts to justify denying a claim
  • Failing to consider or receive appeals after a claim denial

If your insurance company is acting in bad faith, you have legal recourse options. You can begin by filing a bad faith claim against your insurance company. Let us help.

At Ricci Partners, LLC, our lawyers have guided people and businesses just like you through the insurance claims process. Let us utilize our experience to advocate for you and protect your right to benefits.

Construction Litigation

Even small construction projects are feats of will and cooperation. Between owners, construction companies, contractors and subcontractors, construction is only as stable as its contracts.

You need to have a legal team with the experience and skill to review and renegotiate when the legal contracts are broken or insufficient.

At Ricci Partners, LLC, we work with businesses and individuals located throughout New Orleans to address all types of construction disputes.

When The Law And Construction Intersect

Do you need your construction contracts reviewed? Are you concerned about a breach of contract? As your lawyers, we can bring our experience and knowledge to handle:

  • Liens, covenants and other impediments to construction
  • Contractor and subcontractor disputes
  • Building code and zoning review

Construction is great until something goes wrong. Then, it is easy to find yourself waiting around with a half-finished building while legal disputes fritter away your time and money.

Hiring an attorney who is prepared for both negotiation and litigation is a sure way to minimize your delays and save your time and money.

After working in Louisiana construction law for more than 30 years, our combined experience has taught us some vital lessons — treat everyone with respect, stand up for what is right and pay attention to detail.

Construction litigation is an area our attorneys are very familiar with. We have worked with clients who need help with contracts, whose industrial construction projects are up for review and who have problems as simple as being hurt at work on a construction site.

Personal Injury Case

If you are living and working in and around New Orleans, you know that hard work is a way of life. You deserve to be valued and treated right for your work. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Are you being discriminated against or facing other workplace harassment or employee-employer relations issues?

Taking your problems to your employer may mean they will fall on deaf ears. At the end of the day, you need an advocate, a lawyer who can listen to your situation and protect your rights. At Ricci Partners, LLC, we can help.

Our attorneys have more than three decades of combined experience. Let us advocate for you.

Common Reasons Employees May Need A Lawyer

Many employees facing workplace problems simply do not know when to speak up or who to talk to. Some examples include:

  • Discriminated against based on age, gender, race or physical disability
  • Job termination that violates a contract provision or the law
  • Workplace harassment, particularly sexual harassment
  • Withheld compensation for work, including wage withholding and failure to pay for overtime
  • Retaliation after coming forward or complaining about a workplace issue

If you are concerned that your rights are being violated, reach out to our legal team. Many Louisiana workers have trusted us to resolve their workplace and employment law disputes.

Ricci Partners, LLC, brings experience and attention to detail to every case we handle. We do not let your case slip through the cracks and will go above and beyond to guide you through any hurdle that you face.

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