Atticus Clay Hanrahan


Mr. Hanrahan is from the greater New Orleans area and chose law as his destiny with his first name being “Atticus” as well as a legal and medical upbringing. He often jokes that he was “born in a law firm and raised in an oncology unit.” He loves the profession of law, not only for the constant and seemingly everlasting flow of work, but mainly because he loves helping people. Mr. Hanrahan attended Loyola University New Orleans for his Undergraduate degree. Three years later, after working all sorts of different types of jobs including selling life insurance and arborist work, Mr. Hanrahan attended one semester at the Charlotte School of Law in Charlotte, NC before its unexpected closing, and soon after transferred back home to Louisiana and attended Southern University Law Center as a transfer student. After taking some time off from graduating law school to take care of his dying grandmother, a Northern Irish immigrant who he declares is his fighting spirit, Hanrahan started legal work handling first party property claims with a large arborist company, and soon after became a defense attorney for a large national law firm in its New Orleans office before switching sides as a plaintiff personal injury attorney for a long lasting and very reputable firm on the north shore in Slidell. In only one year as a plaintiff personal injury attorney, he settled over 45 cases and just under $1,000,000.00 worth in claims and was every client’s favorite attorney. He hopes to continue his success in civil litigation with Ricci Partners, LLC and has very high hopes for his future with the firm.